Coca-Cola, Facebook to Create Networks for Global Social Businesses

The two largest global social media companies, Facebook and Coca-Cola, are launching a new network that will offer businesses the opportunity to connect with their customers and customers around the world, the companies said Wednesday.

Facebook will begin a pilot program with four small businesses in Mexico City, a small business owner who has been in business for about a decade said.

The company will connect the businesses with customers in Mexico through its Facebook Marketplace program, the company said in a statement.

Coca-PepsiCo and PepsiCo Americas will begin the program in New York and the rest of the U.S. by the end of the year.

The companies said that they will work with partners to expand the network and connect their businesses.

Facebook, which was founded in 2003, has seen an uptick in traffic and usage since it announced the Facebook Marketplace initiative in October, as its advertising revenue has skyrocketed and it has been acquired by Alphabet Inc. The program will be similar to the ones that Facebook launched with Twitter and Instagram, with businesses participating in the Facebook Network and sharing their content with others.

The networks will have access to the company’s ad-supported products, as well as the companies’ brands.

The new programs will also be able to sell ad space on the sites and allow the companies to advertise through the sites.


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