Business groups: US media companies are in breach of antitrust laws

Business groups and media companies say they are in the middle of a corporate espionage investigation involving the media giant Time Warner and a number of major online companies.

The media companies said in a statement that they had received a letter from the Justice Department requesting information about “the types of information” shared by the media companies and that the companies would cooperate with the investigation.

The statement was in response to a Freedom of Information Act request filed on Friday by The Hill newspaper.

It said the DOJ has received “several dozen” documents related to the media company’s investigation into Time Warner, which the media organizations said included “an extensive list of subpoenas for company records and other documents” that are “relevant to the ongoing investigation.”

The media groups also said that the DOJ asked them to produce documents about “any contacts between DOJ officials and Time Warner employees or employees of Time Warner or other Time Warner entities, including the investigation of Time, its executives, and the media,” and to provide the “full scope and scope of any interactions between DOJ employees and Time” to the Justice department.

The news comes just days after the DOJ said it was launching an investigation into how Time Warner operates.

In its letter to the press companies, the DOJ stated that the media corporations are cooperating with its investigation, and that they will cooperate with other government entities and the public if necessary.

“As we have said many times, if you are a news organization and you have any questions about the information we have shared with you, you should reach out to us,” the DOJ wrote.