Microsoft, Microsoft Exchange and Exchange Online ready for Windows 10 launch

Microsoft, the company that owns the Outlook email service and the Microsoft Exchange Online email service, are all ready to launch Windows 10 on Thursday.

Microsoft confirmed the launch in a blog post on Thursday morning, saying it will be available for free for all users of Microsoft Exchange for Windows Server 2019 and Exchange 2016.

Exchange Online, the other Microsoft service Microsoft has partnered with, is not available for Windows PCs.

Microsoft is also launching a free service for businesses and organizations that wants to keep their existing Outlook email account open for business purposes.

The service will be offered as a stand-alone email service for people who have already signed up for a business email account and want to migrate their existing email account to the new Outlook email.

The free service, called Outlook 2019 Enterprise, will provide the same features as Exchange 2019 Enterprise but includes a new feature called Outlook 2020, which will be more flexible than the Outlook 2019 business service.

The service will also be available to business owners and users who already have Outlook 2019 in their current email accounts.

In addition, Microsoft is launching a standalone version of its Office 365 for Windows.

Office 365 2019 Enterprise will be a standalone service for users who do not have an Outlook 2019 email account.

Users will be able to access the standalone Office 365 2017 Office 365 Enterprise for Business service from the Microsoft Web site.

The standalone version will be for people with a Microsoft Exchange 2019 email address who have not yet upgraded to Office 365 2020.

For more, check out TechRadar’s coverage of the Windows 10 announcement.


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