Australia’s internet giant says it’s shutting down its internet business

The Australian Internet Corporation said on Wednesday that it had closed its online business and it would be exiting the country’s largest internet network operator, the Telstra Group.

Melbourne-based ICANN said in a statement it had completed the closure and that it was withdrawing from Telstra and would be transferring its operations to its parent, the National Broadband Network Company.

“The shutdown is the result of a series of strategic decisions undertaken by ICANN, including a commitment to focus on a number of strategic areas, including our overall investment and operational strategies, our network expansion plans, and the network security of the network,” ICANN president and CEO Matthew Tait said.”ICANN’s goal has always been to have a high level of control over the internet through a number or key components of the global network, which includes the telcos and their infrastructure, and to do so in a responsible manner.”

The move follows the launch of a consultation on its plans to build a new national broadband network.ICANN will continue to operate its existing networks and will continue its relationship with Telstra, Tait added.ICNA had been due to open its new internet hub in November.

However, Taulay, who was appointed ICANN CEO in December, resigned in November to focus his efforts on other projects.

He had been under pressure from industry and government to deliver on his commitment to build the NBN and open up new markets to the internet.

However his departure came just a month after the NBN was announced, after the telco and government agreed to close the telstra’s copper-based network by 2025.

Telstra said in January it was going to cut off the access to its copper network in Victoria and South Australia as part of its plan to expand the network into Tasmania and Queensland.

It is also shutting down the network in New South Wales, with a final decision on the next steps being made in April.