Atlas Networks to hire new CEO

ATLONNets, a private cloud network provider that is valued at $60 billion, has hired former Microsoft chief operating officer Paul Otellini as its new CEO, the company said Wednesday.

The news came as Otellinis leadership was criticized for its lack of corporate diversity.

Otellini, who stepped down from Microsoft in March, is expected to take the helm of the Atlas Networks business unit, which will continue to operate independently of the company.

Otellins hiring comes on the heels of a series of departures from Microsoft.

The company announced in June that it was cutting its workforce by 30 percent to close a $5.5 billion funding gap.

The Atlas Networks unit has long been considered one of the world’s most important networking companies.

The group provides Internet access for the government, corporations, universities and others.

Ollens hiring comes at a time when Otellinas leadership has been criticized for lacking corporate diversity and corporate leadership.

Ollens hire comes at the end of an ongoing corporate restructuring effort that was launched last year by CEO Brad Smith, who is also leaving his post as chief operating office officer.

Smith is stepping down from his post to focus on his own company, but his departure leaves behind a number of high-profile employees.

O’Leary, a long-time Microsoft executive, is leaving Microsoft in February, but Ollans hiring comes just days after the company announced it was closing its Microsoft-owned network business and moving its IT operations to a new provider.

OLLANews also announced that the company had closed its Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Group.

The move was aimed at freeing up money for a reorganization effort.

The decision to hire Otellines predecessor as CEO, Jim Fenn, and the departure of many Microsoft executives has fueled criticism that Otellings leadership has failed to address diversity concerns at the company, which is run by a male executive board.

The CEO’s announcement came after the news that Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella has also been accused of sexism and sexual harassment.


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