Google’s CEO tells investors that he will leave Google as part of a “dramatic restructuring”

Share This Article Google CEO Sundar Pichai told investors that a “massive” restructuring is underway, and that it will not be complete before the end of the year.

Pichais comments come as Google continues to battle with the European Union (EU) over the use of the term “Google” in search results.

The search giant is already facing criticism from EU regulators, who say it has been making changes to its search engine, Google Search, that violate EU rules.

Pachies comments also come as Picha is also facing scrutiny for allegedly breaching EU rules when he announced plans to merge the company with its rival Alphabet.

Puchai said Google is not a competitor to Alphabet.

“We are not a standalone company.

We are part of the larger ecosystem.

And we’re not going to be a standalone Google,” Pichas comments, according to Reuters.

PICHAIS STATEMENT TO FINANCIAL TIMES: “This is not an ordinary time.

We have been working for years on a restructuring that will ensure that our businesses are strong, profitable and reach new customers across the globe.

We need to continue to innovate, to bring better products to the world. “

But it’s not enough.

We need to continue to innovate, to bring better products to the world.

We can’t do this alone.

We must continue to build and grow our teams, drive innovation and take bold, disruptive, forward-thinking actions that are driven by our long-term vision.”

Pichaais announcement comes as Google faces renewed scrutiny from regulators over its use of “Google”, a term used to describe Google search results that is a trademark of Alphabet Inc. In December, the European Commission said that it was “appalled” by the way Google had been using the term to promote its services.

The EU said that Google had used the term without permission and that Google must stop using the word.

The Commission has also asked Google to clarify its search results, which are often used to promote itself.

PICA: Google’s search algorithm is “inherently biased” to favor its own products and services, according the Commission.

PILLOWS: Google has already introduced a series of changes to improve its search algorithms.

PIB: Google is also working to make its search algorithm more accurate.

PII: Pichia said that he was “confident” that Google’s Search engine would become more accurate over time.

PIA: The search engine will also be able to identify and remove “fake results,” according to Pichias comments.

PIPA: “We will also start working on new services, like the new social networking service that will be built around our products and give people more tools to interact with each other,” Puchas remarks.

PICE: Puchais said that “the future of search is not limited to Google.”


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