The company that will build a $200 billion data center in India’s north-west will be in the news

News of the news that Tata Group will be buying a controlling stake in a new data center project in India came at a crucial moment for the country’s telecom sector.

The project, which is to be built in the remote area of Kurukshetra, will be built by India’s biggest telecom company, Tata Communications.

The $200 million acquisition will give Tata Communications a controlling interest in the $8 billion project, according to a report in The Times.

Tata Communications, which was founded in 1872, is a major provider of mobile networks and data services.

The company is also a major investor in Internet service providers and technology companies.

The acquisition of Tata Communications comes at a time when Indian companies are looking for more funding to keep their businesses going, according.

The news comes after a series of setbacks for Indian telecom companies in the last year.

Tata had to cancel plans to build a data center near its Mumbai headquarters and lay off more than a quarter of its workforce in May.

It had also suspended the launch of its new 5G wireless network in the country in July after the company faced criticism over the quality of its coverage.

Last month, a major Tata group-owned company filed a lawsuit against Indian regulators over alleged irregularities in the acquisition of the Kurukottai project, saying that it was “unconstitutional” for the government to have granted it such powers.