When you need to know if your corporate network is trustworthy

Network General Corporation (NGC) is a global network of corporations.

It provides corporate customers with trusted, trusted information about their networks. 

NGC is an integral part of the network, serving as a central hub for data, technology, and processes. 

However, it has been accused of making misleading claims about the security of its network. 

According to a recent article by Business Insider, NGC is making misleading statements about its network, claiming that it has a highly secure network and that it’s “highly secure.” 

The article details how NGC’s network is so highly secure that the NCC is claiming that “anybody can see the traffic.”

The article goes on to describe NGCs “failures” that are “not detected” and that the network “can’t be audited.” 

When a customer visits a website that links to NGC, the article points out, NCC claims that it can see that the website “has been hacked.” 

But the website does not appear to be hacked and is, in fact, fully secure. 

When NGC does make a claim that its network is “highly secured,” it’s not making a factual claim about the safety of its networks infrastructure. 

It’s a scare tactic designed to sell customers on the company’s security. 

The NCC has long maintained that its security is top notch. 

In an email sent to customers, the company said that it is “very proud of our highly secure and trustworthy network,” and that “we have the most sophisticated network security and intrusion detection systems in the world.” 

“We know that your data is secure and that we are confident that you are protected against unauthorized access to your network,” the email continued. 

“You will also find that our network is 100% secure and fully auditable by our experts.

We are confident we can provide you with the highest level of service and security for the longest period of time.” 

However the company is making the claim that it “can see the data traffic.” 

This claim is misleading because it implies that NGC can see all the traffic flowing through its network and has full access to the information. 

Furthermore, the claim of “full access” does not refer to any “access control,” but rather to full visibility. 

A network’s “full visibility” is defined as the ability to view the data, the network interface, and other information that the system has on the network. 

 “You’ll notice that we have access to all the data on the NGC network,” NGC said in the email. 

And the “access controls” refers to the fact that “the network cannot be inspected by anyone but us,” as the company explains. 

This is a lie. 

Security experts have long argued that an attacker could not break into NGC if the network was fully transparent and that an attack would not require any knowledge of the NNC’s network security.

The NNC is not the only network to have problems with NCC’s claims of security.

NCC itself has been hacked and has reported that hackers accessed information that belonged to NCC, including emails. 

What do you think about NGC making misleading information claims? 

Share your thoughts below. 

Photo credit: NGC.net


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