When the Israel-Gaza conflict gets serious

By Jonathan CookFor Israel’s media outlets, Gaza is a war zone.

In reality, it is an economic disaster and the latest chapter in the conflict.

The Palestinians are at war with Israel over the construction of new tunnels, as well as the construction and management of electricity and water supplies in the Gaza Strip.

The conflict has displaced millions of Palestinians.

But this is not the case for the Israeli media, which have been largely focused on the economic devastation.

They have focused almost exclusively on the conflict and its impact on the country, rather than on the impact of the conflict on the people of Gaza.

When I first came to Israel in 1994, I was shocked by the scale of the economic damage.

I had never heard of Gaza, let alone the economic problems.

I have never heard anyone refer to Gaza as a warzone.

I was stunned to hear that millions of Gazans live in dire poverty, have been living without electricity and electricity supplies for months, and are suffering from acute malnutrition.

In the years that followed, I came to see Gaza as the new Gaza, a region that had been largely overlooked by the mainstream media.

But the media coverage in Israel, and particularly the pro-Israeli press, has turned a blind eye to the economic catastrophe, and have made it seem as though the Gaza conflict was only a war.

I saw that the media had turned a deaf ear to the millions of Gazais who are in desperate need of help.

After the first round of Israel-Hamas fighting in June 2008, the media started focusing on the war, and on the Gaza economy.

The narrative was that Israel was losing the war and the people in Gaza were losing out.

But, after the fighting, the Palestinian Authority was able to negotiate a cease-fire and Gaza’s economy began to recover.

The economic impact of this economic recovery is clear to anyone who has been following the war.

The economy of Gaza is now one of the most vibrant in the Middle East, with a thriving private sector and an infrastructure that is considered the envy of the region.

The conflict has devastated the economy of the Gaza region.

Gazans are still paying their debts to banks and the central bank, and they have been unable to invest in the reconstruction of the infrastructure.

This has led to an economic depression, and has led the Palestinian leadership to resort to all the tricks they know how to manipulate the public discourse.

I am proud of the fact that in the past year, we have seen a change in the way the media and government have covered the Gaza-Israel conflict, and the impact it has had on the public.

The mainstream media in Israel has consistently treated the Gaza war and Gaza economy as two separate and distinct issues, ignoring the conflict itself.

This is not fair to the people, and it is not responsible journalism.

The reality of the war is that the Palestinians are the main losers from the conflict, as the Palestinian economy is severely damaged by the war’s impact on infrastructure, the economy and the population.

The Palestinian Authority and the Hamas government have been able to make a profit by using the conflict to push the economy into a spiral.

As a result, the PA has been able, with the support of the United States and Israel, to get international aid to support the rebuilding of Gaza’s infrastructure and to make the PA pay for the damages caused by the conflict at home.

The main beneficiaries of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict are the Palestinian media, and Israel.

As the media focuses on the economy, the international community is focused on Gaza’s suffering, and so, the world’s attention is focused elsewhere.

The media and the international audience focus on the damage done to the economy.

They do not consider the economic impact the Gaza people are suffering, because the people suffer the most.

The Israeli media has turned its back on the Palestinians, but has ignored the suffering and economic crisis caused by their government’s war.


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