How to manage a ‘multi-level marketing’ campaign in India

An article in the Times of India on Sunday, April 25, 2017, mentions a new Indian-based multi-level-marketing company.

The article, which has not been verified by Google News, talks about the company “Ais Network Corporation”.

Ais is a term used in India to describe multi-channel marketing.

The company claims to provide multi-platform targeting and conversion support, in addition to other products and services, to businesses in India.

It is not clear what Ais is doing with its platform, but it does have some customers in the market, including a number of Indian IT and software companies.

The company has a team of over 70 people, mostly based in Mumbai.

It is owned by Ais Network, a division of Indian conglomerate Tata Sons, which also owns Tata Group.

The Times article, titled ‘Ais’s Multi-level Marketing Platform’, mentions a “multi-channel” marketing platform that offers “strategic marketing strategies” to companies.

It mentions that the company was created by a group of Indian entrepreneurs who had “started a brand of multi-levels marketing” in 2016.

In a post on its website, Ais describes itself as a “global leader in strategic marketing” and offers a “rich assortment of products, services and opportunities for companies”.

The article mentions “multi channel” as the core offering and it claims to offer “the latest technology and best targeting technology for multi-media and multi-targeting marketing campaigns”.

The company says it can “help businesses and enterprises build brand loyalty” and “boost conversions” by providing “effective communication channels, effective social media channels and innovative solutions”.

It says that it offers “platform solutions that empower business to reach customers”.

It describes the platform as “multi marketing” but does not elaborate further.

According to its website , Ais offers multi-tier marketing, as well as other products like “customer engagement management”.

The platform offers “advance, real-time and contextual data on customer behaviours and behaviour change” for businesses, it says.

Ais does not disclose the value of the company’s sales, profits or revenue.

A company called Ais Solutions has been a part of the market for a while.

The Times article mentions that it has been running a number ads since 2016.

However, it has no direct involvement with Ais.

The “multi channels” section on Ais’s website says that the “marketing platform offers multiple platforms, including video, social, online and video-sharing”.

A “multi platforms” section is where advertisers can put in their advertising budget.

This is an online section where advertisers put in money for a certain amount of time.

The platform then allows them to make an offer to advertisers for a limited time.

The business website of Ais has also featured a video ad.

The video, which was made in 2018, features a young woman who has a message on a tablet that says: “I have been following Ais for a few months.

We are trying to build a multi- channels marketing platform for you.”

She also says, “We want to build an Ais brand that has a powerful message and the ability to convert customers, both on the consumer side and on the business side.”

The video ends with her saying, “Let’s talk to you”.

The video is available on YouTube and in other videos.

The ad is not an advertisement, but an advertisement that is paid for with the user’s personal information.

Ais claims that the user has given them permission to share this information with advertisers.

A spokesperson for Ais told Quartz that the ad is an example of a multi channel marketing campaign, which it runs.

The spokesperson said that the advertiser’s name, email address and phone number were not shared with advertisers and that the person did not receive any payment.

A spokesperson for Tata Sons told Quartz, “As a part company, AIS Solutions does not have a role in the ad space.

The ads were not created by us.”

Ais said in its post that the video ad was produced by the company.

A person who was not affiliated with AIS said that it was the person’s idea and that she was not paid for the video.

The person also said that she had no idea about the terms and conditions for using the video and that her information was not shared.

“It is only my opinion,” she said.

The person said that they were not told about the ad before they signed up to the video, and that it did not contain any terms and policies.AIS told Quartz in a statement, “There is no connection between Ais and the company that posted the ad.

We do not know why the person has asked us for the data.

AIS is a global brand in India, and the content of our ad was uploaded to our platform by our user, who did not ask us for any payment.”

A spokesperson said Ais did not respond to queries about the video or whether