When to call Comcast for help with your health problem

The health care giant Comcast Corp. is asking for your help in resolving the health problems of hundreds of thousands of its customers who have complained that they have experienced difficulty accessing their online banking, cable and phone services.

The problem is so bad that Comcast has called on the government to step in and provide the necessary assistance, the company said in a letter to customers on Wednesday.

The company said it will provide a financial assistance package that includes a $300 credit card payment and up to $100 in cash assistance for eligible customers.

It said it expects to receive those assistance payments in the next few weeks.

It is unclear whether the government will help, or whether Comcast will be forced to hand over the funds it is owed by customers who had been affected by the problem.

The government had set aside $500 million to provide assistance to consumers, but the companies had been pushing to collect more money for the affected customers.

The letter came a day after Comcast and other big Internet companies said they were considering raising their rates for customers who pay by wire transfer to help ease the congestion in their networks.

Comcast, the world’s largest cable company, said it is working with the Department of Health and Human Services on the matter and is working to resolve the problem in a timely manner.

The company did not specify the specific services affected by its billing issues, and the company’s website does not show how the problems are resolved.

The letters do not specify when the problem first began.

The companies said in their letter that Comcast customers who are experiencing difficulty accessing financial services should call Comcast Customer Care to get assistance.