What do the Serie A top four teams have in common?


Lazio The Rossoneri are the second most expensive club in Serie A, according to Transfermarkt.

They also lead the way in the market for transfer fees.

Lazaro, however, are a relatively unknown brand.

Their only major trophy came in the last season of the Rossonerio’s existence, when they reached the final of the Serie B Super Cup, which ended in a 1-0 defeat to Juventus.

The Bianconeri finished the season 11th.


Udinese Udinese’s transfer market was very active this summer.

The Italian champions have been the biggest spenders this season, spending €6.8m on four players.

The only one of the four who has been used in Serie B is Mario Mandzukic.

The 25-year-old is yet to play a minute for Udinese this season.

He was part of Udinese’s team that won the Europa League and reached the last 16 of the Champions League last season.


Juventus Juventus were the biggest spending club this summer, with a total of €13.3m.

However, their transfer market has been very active.

Juve have been a consistent spenders in Serie C, spending just €6m this summer on five players.

They have signed two players from Internazionale, who joined from Inter Milan in 2014, and a third from Bologna.

The centre-back, Giuseppe Bellusci, has made just five Serie A appearances this season and is on loan at AC Milan.

The left-back has made one Serie A start for Udini.


Genoa Genoa have been one of Italy’s top spenders, with €8.3 million spent this summer in Serie E. Geno Alessandria has scored 18 goals this season for Genoa, while the forward, Andrea Barbosa, has scored 19 goals.

The club have also signed five players from Udinese.


Sassuolo The Sassuoli are the biggest spender in Serie G, with the Bianconeries spending €14.6m on nine players.

Anderlecht’s captain, Marco Brescia, has been part of the team that reached the Champions Ligue 1 final, but has not played for the Biancocelesti.

He joined Bresca from FC Barcelona last summer.


Sassi Sassuoli have been consistently in the top ten in Serie D, but have not been in the Premier League this season with a net spend of just €2.7m.

The Giallorossi are currently fourth in the Serie D table, behind Juventus, Roma and Inter.


Genève Genève are the third most expensive team in Serie S, with an overall spend of €16.6 million.

The second highest spenders are Lazio, with £15.3.8 million, followed by Inter, who spent £14.3million.


Inter Inter have been on a high spending spree this summer with a record transfer of €14m.

They were the most expensive side in Serie M this season by spending €11.5m.

In addition, they have signed five new players, all of whom are under the age of 21. 

Inter also spent €4.6million on striker Marco Borriello, who has just one Serie M start to his name.


Torino Torino have been consistent spender this summer for their team.

They spent €11m on 10 players, including Borrielli, and have also spent £2.6 in defender Federico Candreva, who is 21.

They signed defender Alessandro Ravanelli from Udine in the summer.

10. Lazaridis Lazaridis spent €3.6 to sign the winger Mikaël Pienaar, a player who spent four seasons with Inter.

Pien aar is one of Inter’s best players, and has scored nine goals in Serie L this season as well as six in Serie P. 11.

Inter Milan Milan’s transfer budget was also very active during the summer transfer window, with their transfer spend exceeding €20m.

Inter’s transfer record is not a bad one either.

In fact, they are one of just four teams in Serie F, which means they have spent €15.8million. 12.

Udine Udine’s transfer fee is €5.2m, with seven players. 

The most expensive was midfielder Alessandro Saponara, who cost Udine €2m in 2011.

He played a key role in the team’s Champions League win over Milan last season, but his future remains uncertain. 13.

Udina The Bianconers were the first Italian club to have a transfer record of over €10m this season when


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