Why Netflix isn’t buying Facebook: CEO

I’ve been a Netflix subscriber for over five years now, but I’ve never been to one of the company’s flagship properties, Stranger Things.

Now that Netflix has confirmed it will be buying the streaming service, I’m curious to see how well it can sell its flagship property.

I’m also curious to know how Netflix will handle the social network’s upcoming acquisition of Instagram.

Netflix is in a position to do both.

Netflix has had a strong business relationship with Instagram since the beginning.

It’s the biggest platform in the world that Facebook and Instagram co-own.

And the partnership has proven to be a very lucrative one for both companies.

When Netflix acquired Instagram in 2012, it was one of its first big deals.

The deal brought Netflix’s original content, including movies, music, TV shows, and games, to Instagram.

After that deal, Instagram became the biggest content platform in digital advertising.

That partnership has continued through the acquisition of the Snapchat app in 2015.

The two companies have also been partners on the company-owned Vevo platform.

That’s also been a major success for Instagram.

But I’m not sure Netflix will be able to match Instagram’s success.

First, Instagram has a very limited platform, and most of its content is not as engaging as it could be.

Second, there are a lot of Instagram competitors, including YouTube, Snapchat, and even Google+.

While Instagram is a massive business, it is a relatively new one and its content isn’t as well-known as Netflix’s.

That said, Netflix has plenty of talent, including executive producer Justin Theroux and writer/director Joss Whedon.

Theroux is an experienced filmmaker and Whedon is a big name in the movie industry.

In an industry where many companies try to copy each other, Netflix could really take advantage of the platform’s reach.

Finally, Facebook, which has a massive social network following, is another big opportunity for Netflix.

It has an extensive catalog of content, many of which is available on Instagram.

Facebook has also done a lot to grow its own social network and has a long history of monetizing that.

Netflix’s growth in digital is also very impressive.

The company has had to scale up quickly to compete with Facebook.

But it’s also one of Facebook’s biggest clients and it has a strong relationship with the company.

I doubt Netflix will run into any issues getting people to use Instagram.

The problem is, it’s going to have to be great.


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