How to make your network more resilient against cyberattacks

A cybersecurity firm has released new tools to help companies better defend against cyberthreats.

The Cybersecurity Toolkit is a collection of tools designed to help organizations better protect against cyber attacks, said Mike Riedl, the director of security research at iFixit, which released the tools.

The toolkit includes tools to identify potential threats, identify vulnerable network components, and better manage security posture.

Riedll said it is a step toward better understanding the nature of cyberattacks and how to prepare for them.

“The tools are not a replacement for real-world, high-impact attacks.

But they do help companies prepare to defend against future attacks,” Riedlen said.

The tools include two free, free and premium versions, as well as a full version for $59.

The tools are available for Windows and Mac OS X, and Linux.

Riedlen noted that while some of the tools are aimed at enterprises, they can be useful for small companies.

“For the smaller organizations, the tools help to build better security posture, and it is very useful to have a tool that can be easily installed on a machine and used in conjunction with other tools,” he said.

“I think a lot of these tools are really valuable, and companies will be able to use them to better plan for what they want to do.”

To learn more about the Cybersecurity Toolskit, check out iFixIt’s website.