A new game about gaming and social justice says it’s about more than just gaming

By Michael B. JohnsonGlobe StaffOxo, the network corporation owned by Facebook, is taking a different approach to gaming.

Oxo Network Games is about more.

It’s about gaming as a social good.

It is a new game that makes the social good of gaming possible, and is aimed at people who want to play video games but don’t have a lot of time to spend on it.

Players are invited to become part of the community, as a community member, and the game gives them the ability to participate in games they love, even if they don’t spend much time playing them.

The game, called In the Ghetto, comes out Wednesday in the United States, and its first in Canada.

Players will get to choose which game they want to join, and get access to exclusive content.

In the Ghettos game, players will be able to customize their own avatar, customize their clothing, choose the music that plays in their video game, and interact with other players.

They will also get to customize the way that their characters look, which can be done with the addition of hair, skin and other accessories.

The game will feature five different characters, with a total of four.

The other four characters will have customizable clothing and hair, as well as be able, if desired, to wear armor, hats and other items.

In addition to being able to choose one avatar, players can choose one of their own, and then choose one other character to play as.

Each player will be assigned one of the four different characters to play, and their roles will be determined based on their characters’ attributes.

Oxomarkers will be encouraged to get involved in the game, to be part of a group, and to create the characters and outfits that they want.

The studio is working to create a “community of players,” and to help people get involved, said Paul Gartland, vice president of strategy at Oxo Network.

“People are really excited about the possibility of playing video games together, and we are trying to create an opportunity for people to be involved.”

The game is set in Los Angeles, and players will have to decide how to interact with others.

They can choose to get in a group chat, chat with other people and, in a few instances, join in on a game.

The idea is that players will share content, but not engage in any kind of physical interaction.

The team is also looking to help gamers find their place in the world.

Players will have the option to create their own social networks, and they can also have the ability “to share a virtual world.”

The studio will have a Facebook and Instagram page to promote the game.

It will also be using a new social platform, called Oxo, to help users find and follow other players who are part of their community.

It is a Facebook game, but the company is hoping to build an online experience similar to Facebook’s MySpace, which is available to both Facebook users and non-Facebook users.

A game about social justice is an ideal fit for Oxo.

In a Facebook post last month, co-founder Andrew Zuik said the company wanted to be a game company that “gives people power, freedom and responsibility,” which is why the company was looking to create “a platform where they can feel empowered and empowered to participate as part of this community of people.”

Zuik also said the social networking company wanted its games to have an emphasis on the social side of things, and it wanted to create games that players could easily access and enjoy.

The company will work with other companies to create additional platforms to bring players closer to their games, Zuikh said.

“This is about bringing social justice to the video game,” Zuika said.

Oxio’s game is called In The Ghetto.

Players who join the game will have access to a variety of content.

They’ll have access the ability, for example, to create outfits, hairstyles and skins, and customize the characters.

They may also be able choose the game’s soundtrack, as long as it’s not one that plays when players are offline.

The player can choose which character to be in the next round of the game or participate in the first.

In some ways, In The Geonas games will be similar to other games that have had social justice elements, such as games like Super Meat Boy and Minecraft.

But the goal is to do something new.

The games will not feature in-game rewards or in-person activities.

Players can also earn points, which are rewarded for completing the game in the allotted amount of time.

Players can also choose to participate through social media.

They could use social media accounts to share information and make a post.

The social network will also track how the player interacts with the community and help the company determine who is most successful at getting in the “flow of the social experience.”The social