What does the new alliance between NBN Co and Broadband Australia look like?

On Tuesday, Broadband Victoria announced the formation of an alliance with NBN Co, a network provider owned by the Commonwealth, to provide telecommunications services to Victorian households.

The announcement comes just weeks after the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission announced it would conduct a consumer inquiry into the rollout of the NBN in Victoria.

A statement from Broadband said:”The Federal Government has made significant progress towards its stated objective of delivering broadband to all Australians, but we are still working towards the full potential of this project.”

The coalition government is committed to delivering this project to its target of delivering 100 per cent of the Australian population with access to a reliable, affordable and affordable service by 2020.

“In March, the Commonwealth announced that it had entered into a new joint venture with Broadband to build a national broadband network in Victoria, and the alliance will provide the infrastructure for the rollout.

The NBNCo-branded broadband service will be delivered through a partnership between the two companies.

The partnership will be overseen by the Australian Telecommunications and Information Commission (ATIC), and will also include a national fibre optic cable system.

The company is currently operating a fibre optic network at the former Vodafone Centre in Melbourne, and is now using its existing fibre optic infrastructure to deliver services to households across Victoria.

The NBN Co-branded fibre optic system will be the first in the country to be able to deliver high-speed internet to households and businesses, according to NBN Co.

The two companies have announced a further three projects, which will provide more than a million premises and 100,000 premises with fibre-optic service, which means there will be more than 20 million premises covered by fibre optic networks by 2020.

The new broadband network will also provide access to high-quality broadband services, and will be built to meet new standards for the construction of high-capacity networks, according the statement from the Australian Broadband Alliance.