Microsoft announces ‘courageous decision’ to close down Microsoft’s cloud platform in 2018

Microsoft is ending its cloud services business as part of a bolder plan to pivot away from the cloud to focus on business customers.

The company announced Monday that it would focus on selling a new business model, called Azure, that will allow Microsoft to continue selling its services in its traditional form, but with a focus on enterprise and cloud customers.

“We are committed to continuing to sell our cloud business to our customers and to be a leader in the cloud computing space,” the company said in a blog post.

“Today, we are announcing a bold and courageous decision to end our cloud services operations.

This transition is designed to enable Microsoft to better focus on our core businesses and customers.”

Microsoft announced the move on Monday, but it was delayed until later in the year.

The cloud platform was the heart of Microsoft’s efforts to pivot its services business to business customers, and the company will sell Azure as an end-to-end solution instead of as a separate product.

Microsoft said that Azure was designed to be the next step in the evolution of cloud computing, and it’s also designed to help enterprises and businesses move beyond traditional legacy applications like Office 365 and SharePoint.

“As we’ve seen in the past year, cloud is more than just a service,” Microsoft said in the blog post, explaining the decision to sell the cloud.

“Cloud is a platform, it’s a platform for building applications.

And it’s the foundation for everything that we do, from our productivity tools to our cloud platforms.

We are not only building the next generation of business software, but also enabling the next billion users to run their own enterprises.”

Microsoft said the company would focus its resources on building its Office 365 cloud and cloud-based apps.

Microsoft’s move is part of the company’s strategy to shift away from legacy applications and instead focus on building a new cloud and a new computing platform that will support business customers who are trying to scale up their businesses.

It’s also a shift from Microsoft’s focus on Windows Server and Office 365, the cloud and service that runs on Microsoft’s Windows operating system.

Microsoft is also making the switch to selling Azure as a cloud service, instead of a separate business product.

“Microsoft will continue to build its cloud offerings across the Windows Server, Windows Phone, Xbox, and Office businesses as part in our long-term strategic plan,” Microsoft wrote.

Microsoft also noted that it’s making the move in a way that will give customers more control over what’s running on their servers and how much computing power is being used.

Microsoft will also continue to provide Azure to enterprise customers who want to migrate to a new version of its services platform, but those customers will not be able to move their business-to, business-from versions of Microsoft products.

Microsoft noted that the move will “make Azure more attractive to businesses and organizations as they continue to focus their resources on their current business needs.”


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